Thomas Picketty

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Egalitarianism’s Latest Foe: a critical review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century

  • The Piketty phenomenon and the future of inequality    Robert Wade     download pdf 
  • Egalitarianism’s latest foe    Yanis Varoufakis       download pdf
  • Piketty and the limits of marginal productivity theory    Lars Syll      download pdf 
  • Piketty’s determinism?       Ann Pettifor and Geoff Tily       download pdf 
  • Piketty’s global tax on capital     Heikki Patomäki       download pdf
  • Reading Piketty in Athens        Richard Parker      download pdf
  • Pondering Mexican hurdles while reading Capital in the XXI Century   Alicia Puyana Mutis      download pdf
  • Piketty’s inequality and local versus global Lewis turning points   Richard Koo      download pdf 
  • The growth of capital     Merijn Knibbe         download pdf 
  • Piketty vs. the classical economic reformers    Michael Hudson     download pdf 
  • ICapital in the Twenty-first century Das Kapital for the twenty-first century?  Claude Hillinger   download pdf
  • Piketty and the resurgence of patrimonial capitalism    Jayati Ghosh      download pdf
  • Unpacking the first fundamental law     James K. Galbraith        download pdf
  • Capital and capital: The second most fundamental confusion     Edward Fullbrook       download pdf 
  • Piketty’s policy proposals: How to effectively redistribute income     David Colander       download pdf
  • Piketty: Inequality, poverty and managerial capitalism     Victor. A. Beker          download pdf