ESG? Passé! But bear costumes...

6-4-23 CBDC – Britcoin an accident waiting to happen?

4-4-23 Is Crypto’s dream of decentralization dying?

2-4-23 China’s loans to Africa worry World Bank

1-4-23 Is AI neither artificial nor intelligent?I

4-2023 Climate Politcs – The Long View- The Earth Transformed by Peter Frankopan

3-23 GDP growth is fuelling climate change –Timothée Parrique on Kohei Saito

3-23 Introducing Community Currencies – by Jens Martignoni

3-23 Markets: Recession or Soft Landing?

peacon.net/pdf 31-3-23 real-world economics review 103

31-3-23 Should CBDCs replace commercial bank deposits

31-3-23 Social media is taking a dangerous toll on teenage girls

30-3-23 Human Selves Consciously Unbundled

29-3-23 Why growth won’t fix UK inequality

29-3-23 Quantum reveals a world of genuine free will

27-3-23 Global Population to fall to 6bn ?

24-3-23 theguardian book review: Humanly Possible by Sarah Bakewell

24-3-23 Forget geoengineering. We need to stop burning fossil fuels now.

21-3-23 Inflation, the Powell Put, SVB and QT starting to bite

18-3-23 The real cost of Germany blocking the combustion engine ban

18-3-23 Pollution has reached geology: plastic waste forming rocks

17-3-23 Solar panels between railway tracks?

15-3-23 Inequality silenced: The 2018 RAND study that destroyed “trickle down”

14-3-23 Markets: SVB, QT + The 3 wildest years in modern economic history

14-3-23 Ocean plastic = Oil fields of the future?

13-3-23 Electricity out of thin air?

12-3-23 debunking myths around male and female brains

11-3-23 The politics of technocratic fixes – John Gray on the triumph of corporate newspeak

11-3-23 Green Deal, inflation, John Podesta, Andy Haldane and Stephen King

10-3-23 ft -How Cal Newport rewrote the productivity gospel – by Courtney Weaver

10-3-23 tls book review – Mother knows best – Insights into parenthood

9-3-23 Coinbase: “Crypto is the money of the future!” – ECB: “No it isn’t!”

7-3-23 US town to demand a rent decrease

7-3-23 BoE warns of ‘greedflation’ risk to consumers

3-3-23 ft: TikTok’s race to avoid a ban

2-3-23 The Key to Managing Inflation? Higher Wages by Blair Fix

2-23 Economist – Why there are so few babies in southern Europe

2-23 ESG sweatshops and greenhushing

28-2-23 Economist: Are the young falling out of love with cars?

27-2-23 ‘I Worked on Google’s AI. My Fears Are Coming True’ – by Blake Lemoine

27-2-23 Inflation: neither supply nor demand determined – by Domenica Tropeano

24-2-23 Timothée Parrique responds to Paul Krugman – Green growth is greenwashing.

2-23 ESG sweatshops and greenhushing

2-23 Markets: Recession or Soft Landing?

2-23 Dollarization is a Neo-Mercantilistic Economic System

20-2-23 Inflation, monetarism and the Volcker Myths by Eric Tymoigne

19-2-23 Charlie Chaplin criticising Winston Chuchill on the gold standard

19-2-23 Interest Rates and Inflation: Knives Out – by Blair Fix

17-2-23 Listen to indigenous people and watch biodiversity thrive by Minnie Degawan

16-2-23 Mariana Mazzucato’s Big Con reviewed

14-2-23 Will the Dollar be Dethroned?

8-2-23 AI, ChatGDP, pigeons, work and the Turing Test

7-2-23 Non-inflationary rate of wage growth and what’s wrong with NAIRU by Ilhan Dögüs

6-2-23 Henderson + Blanchford debating “inflation as distributional conflict”

5-2-23 CBDC’s coming soon(ish|)?

4-2-23 Blair Fix: Do High Interest Rates Reduce Inflation?

3-2-23 Peak Humanity and Singularity Within Decades?

3-2-23 The dark side of ESG: data ‘sweatshops’

2-2-23 ChatGPT About to Dump More Work on Everyone?

2-2-23 John Griffin – Whales again propping up too wondrous to be trusted bitcoin?

1-2-23 The New Irrationalism by John Bellamy Foster

31-1-23 MIT study finds huge carbon cost to self-driving cars

30-1-23 The Real Reasons For Big Tech Layoffs by Bernard Marr

30-1-23 How to spot greenhushing and other types of sophisticated greenwashing

26-1-23 Sustainability: “Mathematics for Humanity”

26-1-23 Oliver Blanchard’s Hetero Inflation – The Cause of Stagflation – by Blair Fix

20-1-23 Science won’t ever make philosophy or religion obsolete

20-1-23 Energy sustainablility – insulation versus rebound effect

19-1-22 Inequality – The growing wealth gap in Germany

19-1-23 Why Some Executives Wish E.S.G. ‘Just Goes Away’

18-1-23 Metaverse Landlords Are Creating a New Class System

17-1-23 Blair Fix: Is Stagflation not an Anomaly but a Business Strategy?

16-1-23 Mariana Mazzucato: Industrial strategy demands a new deal with the private sector

16-1-23 Thucydides Trenchant Insights – Rachel Hadas on US Democracy Now

1-23 But Seriously, How Do We Make an Entrepreneurial State?

1-23 Richard A Werner on how CBDC could be the end of banking

1-23 Vorgeschichte der Gegenwart – Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftspolitik

14-1-23 GenZ continues eternal pay gap for women

14-1-23 anti-Semitism, class,inequality, migration and racism – new books reviewed

14-1-23 Maurice Höfgen: Statt MMT entzaubert Holger Zschäpitz sich selbst

11-1-23 Are we breathing airborne microplastics?

10-1-23 Logic underpins knowledge – but what if logic itself is flawed?

10-1-23 BRICS’ gold purchases undermining dollar hegemony

9-1-23 Das wahre Rentenproblem und seine Lösung von Maurice Höfgen

9-1-23 Blanchard, Krugman, Summers and Inflation – by J. K. Galbraith

7-1-23 Rutger Bregman: Why humans are kinder than at you think

7-1-23 New thinking at the end of the neoliberal tunnel by Vivan Storlund

6-1-23 Winners and losers in world trade – DW documentary on globalization

6-1-23 Bulls having and eating cake in spite of BlackRock doom and crypto pain

1-23 Donald Hoffman: Consciousness creates evolution

5-1-23 Number of UK households renting has doubled since 2001

4-1-23 Josiah Ober: Greek origins or rational choice theory

4-1-23 Social media anxiety increases pay gap for gen Z women – Jonathan Haidt

4-1-23 Boys will be boys’: why consumers don’t punish big polluters

4-1-22 Why 2023 will be a watershed year for climate litigation

2-1-23 CBDC projects picking up the pace in 2023

31-12-22 ft markets – end of of cheap money, polyexcuses of asset managers

31-12-22 Cognitive bias, overconfidence and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

29-12-22 optimistic climate scientist: climate change is a social issue

27-12-22 Amazon Packages Burn in India, Final Stop in Broken Recycling System

26-12-22 Dear Electric Vehicle Owners: You Don’t Need That Giant Battery

24-12-22 Big Crypto struggles with accounting – Metaverse lacks a leg to stand on

22-12-22 Rebound versus 35% pullback? Stockmarket forecasts for 2023

21-12-22 5 Metaverse Trends That Will Shape the Next Decade?

21-12-22 Seafloor microplastics have tripled in 20 years

12-2022 Richard Baldwin reviews Rana Foroohar’s post globalisation

17-12-22 FT: Is the great crypto crisis upon us?

17-12-22 Blair Fix: Inflation is always and everywhere differential

5-12-22 $65 Trillion in Dollar Debt Missing in Leveraged Blind Spot

3-12-22 Nurdles and hurdles: plastic pollution treaty likely to disappoint

12-22 Vor Drei Jahren : Die elf Billionen Dollar REPO Rettung

11-22 US opioid epidemic shows no sign of abating

30-11-22 ECB officials spot bitcoin on road to irrelevance

29-11-22 ECB warns of losses from paying interest on QE

28-11-22 Plastic Pollution negotiations now

24-11-22 Food for 8bn? Precision fermentation! by George Monbiot

24-11-22 100bn interest on reserves – you can’t stop it but you can tax it says Huw Pill

23-11-22 MIT: Automation drives income inequality

17-11-22 Standardized Testing and the Destruction of Education

19-11-22 wages & corporations: US income redistribution & hierarchical despotism – by Blair Fix

17-11-22 Ex-Black Rock executive writes book on sustainability beyond broken ESG

14-11-22 Roger Penrose on consciousness beyond computable physics

11-22 Beyond orthodox naturalism – The Steady Decline in Interest Rates

11-22 The Impotence of (orthodox) Monetary Policy

12-11-22 FT’s Stuart Kirk: The banking approach to net zero is just claptrap

12-11-22 FT on the crypto crash

12-11-22 FT lex – stock markets: bear scare

12-11-22 Market volatility hits pension prospects of millions

12-11-22 Borders are holding the world’s eight billion people back – Parag Khanna

12-11-22 Kafkaeske realities of US health care costs

10-11-22 Coming Soon: More than fifty small countries going bankrupt

7-11-22 Carbon billionaires emit a million times the average for someone in the bottom 90%

6-11-22 Arthur Hayes – Bitcoin&Banks versus CBDC?

3-11-22 I am 66 and my pension fund has plunged

3-11-22 The ‘Anthropocene engine’ of population growth and climate change

11-22 Dimitris Soudias reviews Plehwe, Slobodian & Mirowski’s Nine Lives of Neoliberalism

5-11-2022 Quantum or Phantom? FT’s Brendan Greely on the Fed’s leverage

11-11 Greta Thunberg’s Climate Book

3-11-22 Big agriculture warns farming on track to destroy the planet

2-11-22 Fed’s Powell: ‘Soft landing’ chances have narrowed

30-10-22 The first country in history to hit the limits of growth by Simon Kuper

28-10-22 Green investment not flowing West to South

25-10-22 Overpopulation versus Overconsumption

21-10-22 automobile greening – one Mircolino step forward – two SUV miles back

17-10-22 Inflation – something wrong with prevalent monetary policy ideas

17-10-22 Schneider Electric: greenest company yet?

17-10-22 Microlino Bubble – greenest (non)car yet?

15-10-22 Economist on Green Capitalism: The 1970s offer unhappy lessons

15-10-22 Central bank ‘tough love’ is here to stay by Katie Martin

15-10-22 Megathreats by Nouriel Roubini

15-10-22 BEAR NEWS- Stagflationary Crisis, Tipping Points , Giant Global Recession

12-10-22 Davis Kedrosky – From Slavery to Capitalism?

8-10-22 TheEconomist on Inflation – Regime Change and the End Of 2%

8-10-22 Bagehot – The UK’s accidental embrace of death-cult Osbornomics

8-10-22 FT – Are we expecting sovereign debt to do too much?

10-22 All Talk No Trousers – The Economist dumps ESG

3-10-22 Is woodburning DRAX UK’s biggest greenwash?

2-10-22 Risk – UK pension funds time bomb still ticking

10-22 Future Fishing news: Lanternfish and ‘infinity fish’

29-9-22 Dow Plunges Back into Bear Market – by Paul R. La Monica

29-9-22 monetary policy – contextualising BoE interventions

26-9-2022 Manure, Methane, and Mercantilism – by Paul Schwennesen

25-9-22 Free Trade Theory and Reality by Jeff Ferry

22-9-22 Roubini’s recession and the astrology of finance

19-9-22 US congress committee: Big Oil’s Gaslighting Greenwash

19-9-22 Electric Cars on a Road to Nowhere?

18-9-22 Why Inflation isn’t always what it seems – by Tim Harford

9-22 Climate crises: Africa is on the frontlines but not the front pages

9-22 Work Now – Katrina Forrester reviews Phil Jones and Eyal Press

18-2-22 FT-The market is not an end in itself – by Larry Kramer

9-22 Degrowth: culture, power and change – by Susan Paulson

12-9-22 The Invention of the Self – by Andrea Wulf

9-22 The Hegemony of GDP Growth – Matthias Schmelzer

9-22 Dusk of Dollar Dominance? China’s Yuan boosting its reserve status

9-22 Psychologist : we’ve been told devastating lies about mental health

8-9-22 Marx, Locke or Rawls? Philosophers on the Housing Crisis

6-9-22 ESG Can’t Square With Fiduciary Duty

9-22 Pakistan: Rich nations owe reparations to countries flooded by climate disaster

9-22 A Human History of Our Evolving Brain – by Joseph Jobelli

9-22 Trussononomics, Keynes and the Deficit – by Jonathan Portes

9-22 From Luddites to limits? Growth critiques in historical perspective

8-22 ESG is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

28-2-22 Beware Hawks and Bear Traps as Fear Haunts Markets

27-8-22 ft book reviews: What kind of great power will India become?

27-8-22 www – the geopolitics of the splinternet

8-22 Latin America’s Inequality Fuels Populist Promise of Radical Change?

8-22 US Climate Bill Masks Scale of Warming Challenge

8-22 Nine Lives of Neoliberalismm + Wolfgang Streeck: Globalismus +Demokratie

6-8-22 ft: Felix Martin reviews Stefan Eich

8-22 Crash? Recession?

8-22 economist: Global inequality is rising again

8-22 Is Zuckerberg turning Facebook into Yahoo 2.0? – Therese Poletti

7-22 Sustainability of Civilisations & Long View of History – Karim Jaufeerally

7-22 Michael Hudson on the Ukraine War

7-22 How Addictive is TikTok?

7-22 Plastic Pollution: Final Destination Deep Sea

16-7-22 ft reviews Matthew Ball’s “The Metaverse”

16-7-22 ft- debt crisis – what Sri Lanka reveals about the risks

12-7-22 Have We Passed Peak Capitalism? – Blair Fix

11-7-22 Stephen Dover: Germany: Energy, Europe, and Evolution

5-7-22 Disturbing Recent Surge in Hyper-Potent Methane

7-22 Capitalism Versus Democracy? Politics in the Age of Eco Crises – Boris Frankel

7-22 ifo-institut: Ukraine-Krieg: Inflation und die Folgen – Clemens Fuest

7-22 heise.de- Inflation als gefährliches politisches Machtspiel – Yanis Varoufakis

28-6-22 Do we need a new theory of evolution? – Stephen Buranyi

25-6-22 ft – Crypto feels the shockwaves from its own ‘credit crisis’

25-6-22 ft – G7 – economists: recession ‘increasingly likely

25-6-22 maroonmacro – “Securitization” – Repo as a Driver of Securitization

9-6-22 Larry Summers: deep recession may be only way to end inflation

3-6-22 Isaiah McCall: YouTube is the next Myspace

3-6-22 Fink, Dimon and Musk have the blues – Mishtalk says not gloomy enough

29-5-2 observer – 50 years of climate crisis denial

5-22 Jonathan Haidt – www/politics -AFTER BABEL: Unique Stupidity of past 10 years

28-5-22 Recession or not, Wall Street’s Housing Grab bound to continue

25-5-22 telegraph – UK Windfall Tax Coming

20-5-22 Inflation will go away -In the meantime here’s how to deal with it – Richard Murphy

5-22 businessinsider – Market Headed for Near-Biblical Reckoning in Summer from Hell

5-22 guardian – Inequality Dangerously Mis-Explained? Steven Poole reviews Oded Galor

16-2-22 bloomberg – Fund Managers Jump Into ESG Biodiversity Niche

16-5-22 Davis Kedrosky-The New Historical Economics-What does it do? Who is it for?

15-5-22 DieZeit – Warum ist Geld Politisch? Oliver Weber interviewt Stefan Eich

15-5-22 FT – Joe Rennison’s junk bonds – John Dizard’s next crash

14-5-22 FT- Week shook crypto-Scott Chipolina-Katie Martin-FTX-Sam Bankman-Fried

12-5-22 Aron Sahr- Monetäre Maschine rezensiert von Florian Geisler, Andreas Kremla 

12-5-22 Quantum Wittgenstein – Metaphysical debates don’t get at ‘truth’

10-5-22 Eco Crisis – The kids are not ok – Julia Steinberger

10-5-22 Free speech – Elon Musk on same legal page as EU

8-5-22 Scientists – Re-Use 57 million tonnes of discarded electronics, or else

7-5-22 Economist: TFP iffy, Solow faulty and techno progress overrated

5-22 Prehistoric women were hunters and artists as well as mothers

4-22 Simply Keynes by Roger Backhouse

7-5-22 Economist: Facebook’s retirement plan

7-5-22 Democracy? Martin Wolf on Yasha Mounk’s The Great Experiment

7-5-22 Elon Musk to load Twitter with debt

3-5-22 Sanctions: Beginning of the End for the Dollar?

2-5-22 Will Hutton reviews Oded Galor’s Journey of Humanity

1-5-22 Precarious flexibility of work: Uberisation’ is spreading its tentacles across society

3-22 Vergesellschaftung des Geldkraftwerks – Stefan Eich rezensiert Aaron Sahr

29-4-22 Scientists Warn of Looming Mass Ocean Extinction

23-4-22 Consensus Mechanisms in Traditional versus Decentralized Finance

22-4-22 work redefining GenZ does not dream of labor

20-4-22 Blue acceleration’ is supercharging ocean exploitation

17-4-22 FT: Blockchain’s green revolution alarms climate experts

17-4-22 Rampant Inequality makes citizens unhappy

14-4-22 Civilisation – Hierarchical states’ dependence on appropriable cereal grains

15-2-22 US Housing Affordability Declines Nearly 23 Percent

14-4-22 Our food system isn’t ready for the climate crisis

14-4-22 BIS:CBDCs in emerging market economies

13-4-22 68% of U.S. execs admit their companies are guilty of greenwashing

4-22 Blair Fix: The Voldemort Index of Entitlement, Power and Inequality

12-4-22 Steve Keen: This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Inflation

12-4-22 Envirnoment Chief James Bevan: Criminal Plastic Exports Need Banning

2-4-22 Crypto vs gold: the search for an investment bolt hole

3-2022 Maurice Höfgen – Das sagt die MMT nicht, Professor Schnabel

1-4-22 A Free Lunch for Me, but Not for Thee – Stephanie Kelton replies to David Kelly

1-4-22 Deep sea’s future decided behind closed doors

1-4-22 Barclays addressing potential CBDC fragmentation

31-1-22 John H. Cochrane: Will inflation persist?

31-3-22 IMF warns Russia sanctions threaten to chip away at dollar dominance

3-22 Legacy of Violence: A History of the British Empire by Caroline Elkins

3-22 Economist: Trading with the enemy

24-3-22 Maldevelopment indices to replace GDP metrics?

24-3-22 RWEreview: MMT, post-Keynesians and currency hierarchy

24-3-22 RWEreview: Why not Sovereign Money AND Job Guarantee?

17-3-22 Yanis Varoufakis: Central banks must not fail on inflation

16-3-22 Edward Snowden Slams Central Bank Digital Currencies

16-3-22 Greenwashing Is Increasingly Making ESG Moot

16-3-22 A 50-year argument: Are there limits to economic growth?

15-3-22 MMT auf deutsch -Eine Einführung von Dirk Ehnts

14-3-22 Russia, Ukraine, and China by Stephen Dover

12-3-22 FT: How facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency dream died

11-3-22 China’s aging population is key to its success plan

10-3-22 Executive order into CBDC and crypto: War awakes Biden to digital money

1-2022 Citizen participation during COVID-19 in the city of Pinar del Río

9-3-22  Lawsuits to follow ‘historic’ plastic waste deal

8-3-22 CO2 emissions rebound to highest level in history

7-3-22 Monetäre Kriegsführung – von Aaron Sahr

7-3-22 IPCC report acknowledges role of Big Oil misinformation

7-3-22 Has yuan become Russia’s new dollar?

5-3-22 War and sanctions means higher inflation

4-3-22 Archeologists in China unearth ‘innovative’ Stone Age culture

28-2-22 Electrify Everything’ by Saul Griffith – electrification and abundance

21-2-22 ‘Peak Stupid’ – Cataclysmic Market Warning Issued

19-2-22 FT: Investors brace for central banks’ retreat from bond markets

18-2-22 Low Millennial financial well-being drives crypto adoption

17-2-22 The next financial crisis will be stamped ‘made in China’ ?

15-2-22 African countries must protect their fish stocks from the European Union

15-2-22 Net zero banks keep pouring money into the dirtiest fossil fuel

15-2-22 Anti Ambition, Great Resignation and the Work Ethic

15-2-22 Faulty computing – The guily are rewarded for criminalising 735 innocent P.O. workers

15-2-22 Lindner holt Freiburger Ortho-Ordo-Liberal Prof züruck auf’s Feld

15-2-22 Marketers are arriving in the metaverse. Now what?

12-2-22 TheEconomist: Next Financial Crisis Crash – What If?

10-2-22 Forbes: Whis is Inflation so High?

9-2-22 Diami Virgilio: What Comparisons Between Second Life and the Metaverse Miss

8-2-22 Troubled DRC palm plantation backed by Gates et al

3-2-22 Housing wealth setting new records

22-22 wired: Britcoin is Coming. UK Treasury Woefully Underprepared

1-2-22 Britain becoming feudal in its disparities

31-1-22 Yanis Varoufakis: The political economy of crypto, metaverse, web3

29-1-22 Economist: QT no substitute for higher interest rates

30-1-22 visualcapitalist charts $5 Trillion in Fossil Fuel Subsidies

29-1-22 Inflation: raising rates is not the answer

25-1-22 McKinsey: $9tn/year required to avoid most catastrophic climate impacts

24-1-22 Graeber&Wengrow’s New Dawn of Everything: more fresh reviews

25-1-22 Lords: Osborne’s help to buy costly waste of 29bn

23-1-22 David Harvey’s New Course: The ABC of Contemporary Capital

20-1-22  Create or not create: Fed releases study on a digital dollar

17-1-22 CoP failure: global warming could reach 4C by end of this century

16-1-22 Robert Reich: Corporate sedition more damaging than Capitol attack

15-1-2022 to 24-12-2021 hetero highlights&NeueWirtschaft – annotated updates here

23/12/21 Markets buying and not buying Fed’s hikes

23/12/21  The Problem with ESG in one chart

 22/12/21 Musk, Diehl, Dorsey debunking web3

20/12/2021 Was Bert Flossbach vom Börsenjahr 2022 erwartet

 20/12/21 Douglass North by Davis Kedrosky

19/12/21 Pelletier&Macy: Sacklers Don’t Deserve another Oxycontin Pass 

17/12/21 Inflation: Schreckgespenst der „Lohn-Preis-Spirale“

17/12/21 biodiversity crisis needs its net zero moment

17/12/21 Inflation spike prompts MPC to raise rates to 0.25% 

16/12/21 ethical investment beyond “do no harm”

15/12/21 Microbes evolving to eat plastic

13/12/21 Gross Ecosystem Product- GEP to replace GDP

12/12/21 Scott Sumner, Matt Yglesias – aligning monetary policy views 

9/12/21 The Japanification of the Eurozone

 12/21 MSCI ratings show why ESG will be next mis-selling scandal

12/21 Billionaires’ wealth soars as pandemic widens inequality

12/21 Satyajit Das: We are all MMT guinea pigs in money experiment

8/12/2021 Glimpse of a Quantum Ghost

8/12/2021 Microplastics cause damage to human cells

7/12/2021  Do Tipping Oceans Point toward Extinction?

5/12/2021  Could YOUR inflation be 3×4%=12%?

12/21 Meta Studie: Fixierung auf erhöhte Staatsschuldenquoten überdenken!

11/21 H Flassbeck & K Reich zu CoP & Nachhaltigkeitskrise : So Nicht

4/12/2021 Markets: Powell Pivots Omicron to Volatility

4/12/21 Geert Mak + Cees Nooteboom Europe books reviewed

4/12/21  The Great Resignation – ft reviews work books 

2/12/2021 India’s population shrinkage preponed

12/2021 Nigel Warburton’s top 5 philosophy books

2/12/2021 Climate costs: Bjørn Lomborg caught cheating (again?)

2/12/2021 Ocean plastic is creating new high seas communities

2/12/21 ECJ advises against Poland and Hungary

1/12/21 Eurozone Inflation soars to 4.9%

1/12/21  FED’s Powell retires “that word transitory” and hints at tapering

11/21 CasP/Blair Fix: Inflation is always a phenomenon of structural change

29/11/21   Eco-architecture – ‘floating continent’ to collect and recycle ocean plastic 

29/11//21  2000 BC: Vanished Advanced Chinese Civilization Resurfaces

28/11/21 Guardian’s A. Anthony reviews  P. R. Keefe’s Empire of Pain 

28/11/21  J Mizrahi: Don’t be fooled by Australia’s GDP growth

27/11/21  Simon Kuper’s third way on ‘wokeness’

27/11/21  In the Crosshairs of marketing – FT reviews Ryan Busse’s “Gunfight” & Tim Mark’s “Misfire”

26/11/21  John Plender : Powell’s poisoned chalice  

11-2021 Mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems/

27/11/21  Draghi urges EU to confront ‘inevitable’ reform of fiscal rules

26/11/21 How world’s major economies are dealing with spectre of inflation

25/11/21 CBDC – BoE’s Andrew Bailey: no stablecoin but 20% Britcoin

24/11/21 Dirk Niepelt considers outlook of CBDC projects

24/1/2021 Eco plastic from oily whale sperm

23/11/21 BoE will never unwind quantitative easing  by Richard Murphy

23/11/21 Mervyn King rebukes Canute’s theory of inflation

23/11/21  Industrial fishing breaks Fundamental Ocean Law 

23/11/21 CSS: storing carbon while drilling won’t cap crisis

22/11/21   Bank of Mum n Dad feeds opportunity hoarders

21/11/21 Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t the Future. It’s Here Now.

20/11/2021 Japan unveils direct finance helicopter

20/11/2021 ft fears markets frothing over

20/11/2021 Modi abandons unpopular farm reforms

20/11/2021 Climate denial morphs into fear of rampant immigration

20/11/2021 FT now Living with Inflation

11/2021 Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus” at 100  By Jared Marcel

16/11/2021 What’s Wrong With ESG : E.g. Ohio

21/11/2021 How Friedman mistook Walras for Marshall – Victor Beker

9/2021  Metaverse Technology: Jon Radoff unpacks the Hype

11/2021 New Theory for  Nonreciprocal Systems

16/11/2021 Farmers Digging their Own Graves not Sustainable

15/11/2021 Greenwashing: Deceptive Welfare Labelling on Animal Products

14/11/2021 Would Mises buy Bitcoin?

11/2021 ESG investing has a blind spot: Supply chains

14/11/2021 Plastic pollution: Can seaweed end problem?

11/2021 Dawn of Everything – more reviews

12/11/2021 Fed’s inflation call is one of the worst, Mohamed El-Erian says

11/11/2021 FR: Brüssel und EZB drängen auf Bankenunion

11/2021  BBC: Zuckerberg’s metaverse: Lessons from Second Life

11/2021  David Orrell shows up in The Economist

11/2021 Skimpflation Everywhere.

9/11/2021  Plastic ‘Nurdles’ pollute our oceans

9/11/2021 Six reasons to blame plastic pollution for climate change

9/11/2021  sciencenews reviews Dawn of Everything 

8/11/2021  John L. Bowman- ESG Label to Be Dismantled

8/11/2021 David Gerard’s “Libra Shrugged” – how LIBRA forced CBDC

8/11/2021 Scientists pour cold water on Bill Gates’ nuclear plans

7/11/2021 How millennials got screwed and own nothing

6/11/2021 US state taking on an oil giant for greenwashing

5/11/2021  Could inflation be good? by Stephen Dover

4/11/2021 Oil pooring into plastics at record rate

11/2021 Why ESG won’t save us babyboomers don’t care

3/11/2021 Zuckerberg’ Meta: Share your time and money trapped in his fantasy 

2/11/2021  facebook greenwashing world’s worst polluters 

1/11/2021  precarious workers once-in-a-generation upper hand?

29/10/2021 AI professor: AI spooking AI

10/2021 From Economic Fantasy to Ecological Reality – Steve Keen on Dietz et al

28/10/2021  Who should pay the world’s climate debt

26/10/2021  The Age of Discovery – entirely wrong how we think about it

26/10/2021  Conditioning an entire society’: the rise of biometric data

10/2021  Auf Wiedersehen! Jens Weidmann resigns

10/2021 plastic waste the next asbestos?

25/10/2021 Markets Playing Chicken with Central Bankers

25/10/2021  Investors : MMT here to stay 

25/10/2021  UK Millionaires demand wealth tax 

24/10/2021  Modelling the Matthew Effect : Redistributing Income Through Hierarchy

23/10/2021  G7 financial leaders reach agreement on digital currencies

21/10/2021 ESG -Activist tsunami is coming to Silicon Valley

21/10/2021 Who should pay the world’s climate debt?

20/10/2021  “His economic ideas are conservative banalities.”  Adam Tooze on FDP’s Lindner

19/10-2021  ECB’s Fabio Panetta on the international dimension of  CBDCs

19/10-2021  New Nara bacterium may help solve plastic pollution 

17/10/2021 Actor Harewood meets Earl: ‘My ancestors were your family’s slaves’

16/10/2021  Economist on Poland’s “Dirty Remain”

10/2021  A CasP  Analysis of  Google’s Differential Power

10/2021  Bofinger etal zur deutschen Ordo Ortho Oekonomie und Walter Eucken    

10/2021 Future Food by TheEconomist

11/2021  NET webinar : Dissecting capitalism – past present future >Inequality<

16/10/2021  German Ampel brackets Black Zero: “Don’t mention the Schuldenbremse”

16/10/2021  ESG alphas : Is wrapping moneymaking into dogooding an ethical issue?

16/10/2021  Pinterest Discrimination Whistleblower leads charge against NDA

15/10/2021  Spar Gespenst Lindner: Angst und Hoffnung in der EU

11/10/2021  Nobel economics prize rewards work on minimum wage

10/2021  Carbon removal cost could be paid by ‘carbon debtors’=emitters

9/10/2021  Three reasons why EU, too, now worries about inflation

9/10/2021  Pexit, Poexit, Polexit – maybe yes, maybe no

7/10/2021 Zuckerberg’s ‘second realm’ metaverse valued at $3.1tn

10/2021 Guardian review : Hot Air by Peter Stott

10/2021 Is Biomass Greenwash?

6/10/2021 IMF : Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute

6/10/2021  Southern voices found muted as climate science earns Nobel

5/10/2021 Pandora Papers leaking more off shore shell companies

5/102021 “Greta is right” says Mars manager 

10/2021 current bail-in design still unstable but reforms unlikely

10/2021 economy shafting millennials, thrifting Gen Z each other

 0/2021 UK inflation to eclipse US and eurozone’s – carbon tax deflationary

3/10/2021 Greensill : Swiss police raid Credit Suisse

29/9/2021 ESG Buzzword axed as Greenwash Rules Bite 

29/9/2021 Green growth’ doesn’t exist

28/9/2021 Don’t sideline plastic problem, nations urged

25/9/2021 It’s now or never for US digital currency

23/9/2021  young people & climate anxiety  EN DEU FR ES etc,

21/9/2021 The dynamics of cooperation, power, and inequality

20/9/2021 Why the Fed might welcome a bond market tantrum

20/9/2021 BIS warns of green asset bubble risk

19/9/2021 How Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war    

18/9/2021 James Howard-Johnston: The Last Great War of Antiquity

16/9/2021 Ocean Cleanup struggles to fulfill promise to scoop up plastic at sea

19/9/2021 Quantum ‘time crystal’  could change physics forever 

17/9/2021 Some early crypto enthusiasts have bailed on the sector

15/9/2021 – Carbon-removal plant switched on

13 9 2021   What drives house prices: Lessons from the literature 

13/9/2021 The Spectre of Inflation : EZB’s Schnabel entsorgt deutsche Inflationsängste – EN&DEU

12/9/2021 National Insurance increase consigns levelling up to bonfire of easy promises

9/9/2021   Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism

07 09 2021  economists : research should be more relevant, multidisciplinary, disruptive and diverse

9/2021 No Objective Reality?!

3/9/2021 Purdue Pharma escapes opioid liability through bankruptcy “loophole”

1/9/2021 Europeans want their countries, not EU, to regulate crypto

1/9/2021  Scott Sumner’s “Money Illusion” blog now as a book

1/9/2021 Regulators Intensify ESG Scrutiny as Greenwashing Explodes

26/8/2021  wishful optimism no cure for covid inequality

23/8/2021  China’s digital yuan a warning to the world?

23/8/2021 book: The Politics of safety by Amia Srinivasan

21/8/2021 Fancy Black Rock’s Greenwash Placebos

20/8/2021 Fokus Jackson Hole – Höhere Leitzinsen fuer weder Dollar noch Euro

20/8/2021 The euro area Phillips curve: Damaged but not dead

18/8/2021 Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse already sucks

8/2021 book: John Lewis COOP – a business familiy

8/2021 What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common

8/2021 Frantzen’s hopeful realism ?

8/2021 Daniel Saunders Dialectical Ecology

8/2021 Monetary policy and inequality 

6/8/2021 Anglo Inflation Crescendo?

6/8/2021 Gulf Stream Collapsing?

4/8/2021 Watch Opioid Billionnaire Sackler Purchase Litigation Shield

3/8/2021 Branco Milanovic on Eurocentrism in Economics

3/8/2021 Shake up Europe’s fiscal rules says Irish Banker

3/8/2021 Future Monetary System will be Crypto

1/8/2021 The patriarchy of economics

8/2021 Gates’ Agro-Greening Harming African Farming 

8/2021 Six Modes of Co-Production for Sustainability

8/2021 What happened when US Paid Off All Its Debt

7/2021 Decolonising Ecological Science

7/2021 DeGrowth perspective on Corona

7/2021 Three Degree World Has No Safe Place

31/7/2021 Big investors demand vote on hollow net zero pledges

30/7/2021 Biffa breaks record in recycling acid exports into Greenwash

29/7/2021 Inflationsgefahr auf deutsch

29/7/2021 Zuckerberg metaversing facebook to cash&carry avatar currencies

Die rätselhafte Soziologie des Geldes

28/7/2021 Confirmed: NZ bunkers best for apocalyptic transition

28/07/2021 Credit Suisse :The Marginal Consquences of Zero Diligence

28/7/2021 Pope’s Laudatio Si Demands DeGrowth

23/7/2021 How green are green cars?

22/7/2021 IMF finds increasing market power impedes monetary effectiveness

22/7/2021 Central banks can’t reduce inequality says NatWest Davies

22/7/2012 TheTimes: CBDC gamble may not pay off?

21/7/2021 How iffy is baby boomer economists’ ingrained “theory” of inflation?

20/7/2021 Europe wrong to worry about inflation?

19/7/2021 plastic into sand&cement

19/7/2021 next crash triggered by climate change?

15/7/2021 the FT’s wild rides on crypto horses

15/7/2021 Euro CBDC sees Bitcoin bite the dust?

4/2021  Paradigm War: A Distinct Indigenous Vision

11/7/2021 Value(s) : Bitcoin writes letter to Mark Carney

11/7/2021   ECB prefers evidence over dogma

9/7/2021  Digitaler Euro: Anonym wie Bargeld – China versus Bitcoin – Covid accelerates CBDC

9/7/2021  75 years later: LEGO recycles

9/7/2021 Napkin Laffer’s Monetary Genius

9/7/2021 bitcoin bubbling up hyperinflation?

5/7/2021 What do children think of economic inequality? 

6/21 cloud spraying tipping points of no return

6/21  One in Five UK adults has less £100 in savings

6/2021  zero emissions hydrogen cars?

6/2021 microbes convert waste plastic into vanillin

28/6/2021  Inflation a Risk for U.S. Bank Credit

27/6/2021  CBDCs – geopolitical relevance , BIS sees opportunities, Swiss report says NO 

24/6/2021 BIS backs CBDCs to beat bitcoin, stablecoins and Big Tech

12/6/2021 Basel’s Tough Love for Crypto

11/6/2021 Vegan spider silk superseding plastic?

10/6/2021 inflation pressures FED + hikes Ruble rates

10/6/2021 G7 delaying break with fossil fuel industries 

9/6/2021 American banking lobby hits out at CBDCs

9/6/2021  MMT, Crypto and Basic Income for All

6/2021 Hitler’s Hjalmar Schacht : pariah pioneer of MMT?

5/2021 Fed cornered says Roubini

3/2021 IMF figures negative rates stable

7/6/2021 The world’s forgotten greenhouse gas

25/5/2021  long population slide not necessarily a disaster

15/5/2021 Jump Scare? asks the Economist ahead of FT’s summer of inflation

13/5/2021  UK reviews of Empire of Pain – OxyContin? The things the Sacklers knew!

 7/5/2021 Rise of the middle class in the 20th century was wildly overstated

12/5/2021 ECB wants race to the top of global ESG standards

5/2021  Karlsruhe shines a light on the murk of emissions targets

6/5/2021 Wealth Inequality in Cryptocurrencies

5/2021  oceans of biodegradable plastics not degrading

9/4/2021  rush to electric cars may harm environment and snuff out valuable alternatives

4/2021 What decolonising economics meant in India   by Tirthankar Roy

17/4/2021  Apropo Branko Milanovic’ Great Leveller? It ain’t neccessarily so says fresh research 

14/4/2021 rs  The great danger is not climate denial but climate delay.

10/4/2012  ft  figures Biden’s taxes brave and bold

10/4/2021  ft  Nobel Robert Mundell dies ahead of non optimal Euro

9/4/2021  bbc does  reality check on Netflix’s Seaspiracy

6/4/2021 bloomberg  Don’t Let China Mint the Money of the Future – Nial Ferguson

3/21  tls  “Save the jetset” – Ann Pettifor on Bill Gates