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Viviana A. Zelizer is the Lloyd Cotsen ’50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. She is the author of The Purchase of Intimacy, Pricing the Priceless Child, Economic Lives, Morals and Markets and more

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The world of money is being transformed as households and organizations face changing economies, and new currencies and payment systems like Bitcoin and Apple Pay gain ground. What is money, and how do we make sense of it? Money Talks is the first book to offer a wide range of alternative and unexpected explanations of how social relations, emotions, moral concerns, and institutions shape how we create, mark, and use money. This collection brings together a stellar group of international experts from multiple disciplines—sociology, economics, history, law, anthropology, political science, and philosophy—to propose fresh explanations for money’s origins, uses, effects, and future.

Money Talks explores five key questions: How do social relationships, emotions, and morals shape how people account for and use their money? How do corporations infuse social meaning into their financing and investment practices? What are the historical, political, and social foundations of currencies? When does money become contested, and are there things money shouldn’t buy? What is the impact of the new twenty-first-century currencies on our social relations? At a time of growing concern over financial inequality, Money Talks overturns conventional views about money by revealing its profound social potential. goodreads 2016 The Social Meaning of Money: Pin Money, Paychecks, Poor Relief, and Other Currencies

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A dollar is a dollar—or so most of us believe. Indeed, it is part of the ideology of our time that money is a single, impersonal instrument that impoverishes social life by reducing relations to cold, hard cash. After all, it’s just money. Or is it? Distinguished social scientist and prize-winning author Viviana Zelizer argues against this conventional wisdom. She shows how people have invented their own forms of currency, earmarking money in ways that baffle market theorists, incorporating funds into webs of friendship and family relations, and otherwise varying the process by which spending and saving takes place. Zelizer concentrates on domestic transactions, bestowals of gifts and charitable donations in order to show how individuals, families, governments, and businesses have all prescribed social meaning to money in ways previously unimagined. 2017 A Dollar Is a Dollar Is Not a Dollar: Unmasking the Social and Moral Meanings of Money By Viviana A. Zelizer

Princeton University Professor of Sociology, Viviana Zelizer compares her own field with fields such as anthropology or history and her documental research methods to the practices of other influential sociologists. Dr. Zelizer shares her work with the sociology of money studying the changing value of life and the evolving role of money in our society. In Dr. Zelizer’s latest research she is studying the interaction between students of vastly different socioeconomic backgrounds at her own university. Follow along as award-winning economic sociologist and Lloyd Cotsen ‘50 Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, Viviana Zelizer talks with Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and professor of physics at Wake Forest University.

Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University sociologist, talks about the ideas in her new book, The Purchase of Intimacy. Does money ruin intimacy? Does intimacy ruin our commercial transactions? Zelizer and host Russ Roberts have a lively conversation on the sometimes contentious border between economics and sociology. 2012 The Moral Sociology of Viviana Zelizer Reviewed Work: Economic Lives by Viviana Zelizer by Marion Fourcade