Poland Exits EU

Poland EU Exit

“In der Hierarchy der Gesetzesquellen steht der EU Vertrag im Polnischen Rechtssystem unter der Polnischen Verfassung, wie jeder andere ratifizierte internationale Vertrag auch.”

Polnisches Verfassungsgericht 7/10/2021

Wow! I wonder why some Supreme British High Court never came up with that one? Many Brexiteers would have been quite content with such a reinterpration of the Common Market.

So is it gonna be Pexit, Poexit or Polexit? Who cares as long as it got an exit in it. Can’t say I have much of an opinion except best not keep travellers from travelling. But I gather some polish people won’t be too happy about it?

Just follow the money…

Beeindruckend! Ich frage mich, warum hierzulande das Höchste Britische Gericht nicht auf so einen Spruch gekommen ist? Viele Brexiteers wären mit einer solchen Umdeutung des Common Markets ganz zufrieden gewesen.

Fragt sich nur noch ob es ein Pexit, Poexit or Polexit sein wird. Wahrscheinlich egal solange es Exit bedeutet. Und sei es als inneres Exil? Persönlich habe ich keine Meinung, ausser dass man Reisende nicht aufhalten sollte. Aber ich habe den Eindruck manche Polnische Staatsbürger werden nicht gerade glücklich darüber sein.

Folgen Sie einfach dem Geld…

articles etc 8/2022

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“Brexit, before it happened, was imagined in many forms. Hard, soft, Norwegian, Swiss or Turkish. Briefly, an Albanian option was discussed. Often it was just “clean”. A “clean Brexit” would free Britain from the eu’s single market, customs union and its courts, advocates said. Just as there are many ways of leaving the eu, there are many ways of remaining. There is the clean version, in which countries quietly accept the eu’s strictures. Then there is the messy version, where governments foul up the club. Think of it as “dirty remain”. …”…

bbc.co.uk 11/10/2021 Mass protests in Poland amid EU exit fears Poles backing EU membership have taken part in protests across the country, amid fears it could leave the bloc. … Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has defended the ruling. “We have the same rights as other countries. We want these rights to be respected,” he wrote on Facebook after the decision. …”…

theguardian.com 11/10/2021 ‘We are staying!’: Poles demonstrate in support of EU membership – Up to 100,000 people gathered in Warsaw alone after a Polish court ruling that raised fears of a Brexit situation

…”State-run TVP broadcaster, which critics say focuses heavily on presenting the government’s point of view, ran a news ticker that read “protest against the Polish constitution” during its coverage of Sunday’s events …”…

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Poland has quietly been building one of the most successful economies in the world and Brussels will not be able to push it around – by Matthew Lynn

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A senior Polish ruling party official raised the specter of his country leaving the European Union due to an escalating conflict over the rule of law, only to distance himself from the comments a day later amid government pressure. Ryszard Terlecki, who heads the ruling Law & Justice party’s parliamentary caucus, said Poland should think how to work with the EU in a way that’s most beneficial for the nation. His comments come after the EU’s executive asked for daily penalties for the country’s failure to respect the bloc’s court verdicts. …

cnbc.com/ 8/10/2021 polands-defiance-of-eu-law-raises-concern-over-a-possible-exit by Silvia Amaro

  • In the latest escalation of their dispute, Polish judges ruled, in a case brought by the country’s prime minister, that national law has primacy over European rules.
  • Opinion polls show that Polish voters are overwhelmingly pro-European — a far cry from Britain which voted to leave the EU in 2016.
  • And the Polish government also claims to be supportive of the EU project. But its actions does raise questions about whether that’s really true.

… “It’s hard to believe the Polish authorities and the (ruling) PiS Party when they claim that they don’t want to put an end to Poland’s membership of the EU,” Jeroen Lenaers, a member of the European Parliament and spokesman for the largest political group in that chamber, said in a statement. “This is an attack on the EU as a whole,” he added following the court ruling. France’s European Affairs Minister Clément Beaune also said Friday that the decision out of Poland was “very serious” and adds to the risk of a possible exit from the bloc. … “I am deeply concerned by yesterday’s ruling of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a statement Friday. “Our Treaties are very clear,” she said, “EU law has primacy over national law, including constitutional provisions.”…

theguardian.com/ 7/10//2021/ polish-court-rules-that-eu-laws-incompatible-with-its-constitution

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france24.com 7/2021 On the road to Polexit? Poland pushes back in battle against EU rule – by Nicole Trian

“…differences between Warsaw and Brussels deepened (in July) taking a more hostile turn as Poland’s Constitutional Court defied a ruling by the European Union Court of Justice against Poland’s controversial judicial reforms. Poland’s Constitutional Court, the country’s highest court, said the decision was “not in line” with the constitution. The rift over the legitimacy of EU law first emerged in February 2020 when Poland passed new measures to prevent judges from referring cases to the European Court of Justice. Poland maintains that on domestic affairs to do with its judiciary and courts it is up to Polish authorities and legislation, and not Brussels, to decide. …”…