Digitales Zentral Bank Geld : Geld zwischen Schleier und Tabu (3)

TheEconomist zur Dominanz des Kreditgeldes, dessen Missachtung durch die orthodoxe Ökonomie und die Schwierigkeiten einer Wirtschafts-Wissenschaft ohne Mensch und Geld

CBDC Govcoins – Has The Economist unveiled the endogenous engine of capitalism?

Not quite. More like 101=404. Classical effort = Error not found. Missing as ever : The Money. “Economic action cannot, at least in capitalist society, be explained without taking account of money, and practically all economic propositions are relative to the modus operandi of a given monetary system,” Joseph Schumpeter 1939 The Economist special report 2021 The … Continue reading CBDC Govcoins – Has The Economist unveiled the endogenous engine of capitalism?

MMT Modern Monetary Theory

MMT portal page - fiscal, macro. monetary - updates below - see also 1/2021 De-facto MMT disequilibrating DSGE ? 9/202o German Economist Seess MMT Across the Sea 9/2019 Apropos of MMT 2/2019 MMT and Millennial Socialism US/UK  Monetary/Fiscal EURO Monetary/Fiscal MMT - updates - 1-2023 14-1-2023 Er will die MMT entzaubern, entzaubert aber nur … Continue reading MMT Modern Monetary Theory

Ann Pettifor

g0g   deutsch hier Worldwide there are about 15.000 economists.  Six of them did predict the 2008/09 global-financial-crisis. Ann Pettifor was one of them. "Ann Pettifor, director of Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME).  Pettifor’s 2006 publication – The Coming First World Debt Crisis – bombed on its release, but became a bestseller after the GFC. … Continue reading Ann Pettifor

Geoffrey Ingham

  In "The Nature of Money",  Geoffrey Ingham draws on neglected traditions in the social sciences to develop a theory of the ‘social relation’ of money. Genuinely multidisciplinary approach, based on a thorough knowledge of theories of money in the social sciencesAn original development of the neglected heterodox theories of moneyNew histories of the origins … Continue reading Geoffrey Ingham

“Stupid German Money”

Dummes Deutsches Geld As wkipedia tells us "Stupid German Money ... ist ein ursprünglich von der US-amerikanischen Filmwirtschaft geprägter Begriff für Gelder aus geschlossenen Medienfonds des deutschlandspezifischen grauen Kapitalmarkts. Diese Fonds wurden wegen hoher Abschreibungsmöglichkeiten als Steuersparmodell genutzt. Die Gelder flossen größtenteils in amerikanische Filmproduktionen." Since then it's been used derogatively and polemically to refer to … Continue reading “Stupid German Money”

Lagarde Adagio Offuscato

Expect nothing but a repeat variation of  her 2012 Wolfgang Schäuble laudatio  from consummate diplomat Christine Lagarde today.  This is not the time to tell the Germans to get over their Schwarze Null fetish and spend money. Maybe there will be the odd softly spoken hint at clever new injection technology tunneling through southern debt mountains toward … Continue reading Lagarde Adagio Offuscato

QE2 : What the hell is the ECB doing?

Luhmann had his Zettelkasten. I got my Google feed. They are not the same. Not even remotely. He spent a lifetime curating a finite conceptual collection. I am fed Big Brother's algorithms grazing the web's near infinity on the basis of my previous preferences. But both produce interesting connections. In this case my google searches … Continue reading QE2 : What the hell is the ECB doing?

Toward the Next Paradigm in Economics?

"Toward the Next Paradigm in Economics?" was the banner for a local meeting I recently had to talk about two seminal books: Kate Raworth's "Doughnut Economics" and David Orrell's "Quantum Economics".     Four people attended. One had turned up because she knows Kate Raworth as a parent. Their children go to the same school ("Only … Continue reading Toward the Next Paradigm in Economics?