“Always and Everywhere?

11/21 CasP/Blair Fix: Inflation is always a phenomenon of structural change

28/11/21 Guardian’s A. Anthony reviews  P. R. Keefe’s Empire of Pain 

 27/11/21  Simon Kuper’s third way on ‘wokeness’

27/11/21  In the Crosshairs of marketing – FT reviews Ryan Busse’s “Gunfight” & Tim Mark’s “Misfire”

26/11/21  John Plender : Powell’s poisoned chalice  

11/21Nature: 2021 Mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems

27/11/21  Draghi urges EU to confront ‘inevitable’ reform of fiscal rules

26/11/21 How world’s major economies are dealing with spectre of inflation

25/11/21 CBDC – BoE’s Andrew Bailey: no stablecoin but 20% Britcoin

    24/11/21 Dirk Niepelt considers outlook of CBDC projects

24/1/2021 Eco plastic from oily whale sperm

23/11/21 BoE will never unwind quantitative easing  by Richard Murphy

23/11/21 Mervyn King rebukes Canute’s theory of inflation

23/11/21  Industrial fishing breaks Fundamental Ocean Law 

    23/11/21 CSS: storing carbon while drilling won’t cap crisis

22/11/21   Bank of Mum n Dad feeds opportunity hoarders

21/11/21 Modern Monetary Theory Isn’t the Future. It’s Here Now.

20/11/2021 Japan unveils direct finance helicopter

20/11/2021 ft fears markets frothing over

20/11/2021 Modi abandons unpopular farm reforms

20/11/2021 Climate denial morphs into fear of rampant immigration

20/11/2021 FT now Living with Inflation

11/2021 Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus” at 100  By Jared Marcel

16/11/2021 What’s Wrong With ESG : E.g. Ohio

21/11/2021 How Friedman mistook Walras for Marshall – Victor Beker

9/2021  Metaverse Technology: Jon Radoff unpacks the Hype

 11/2021 New Theory for  Nonreciprocal Systems

   16/11/2021 Farmers Digging their Own Graves not Sustainable

15/11/2021 Greenwashing: Deceptive Welfare Labelling on Animal Products

14/11/2021 Would Mises buy Bitcoin?

11/2021 ESG investing has a blind spot: Supply chains

14/11/2021 Plastic pollution: Can seaweed end problem?

11/2021 Dawn of Everything – more reviews

12/11/2021 Fed’s inflation call is one of the worst, Mohamed El-Erian says

11/11/2021 FR: Brüssel und EZB drängen auf Bankenunion

   11/2021  BBC: Zuckerberg’s metaverse: Lessons from Second Life

11/2021  David Orrell shows up in The Economist

  11/2021 Skimpflation Everywhere.

9/11/2021  Plastic ‘Nurdles’ pollute our oceans

9/11/2021 Six reasons to blame plastic pollution for climate change

9/11/2021  sciencenews reviews Dawn of Everything 

8/11/2021  John L. Bowman- ESG Label to Be Dismantled

8/11/2021 David Gerard’s “Libra Shrugged” – how LIBRA forced CBDC

8/11/2021 Scientists pour cold water on Bill Gates’ nuclear plans

7/11/2021 How millennials got screwed and own nothing

6/11/2021 US state taking on an oil giant for greenwashing

 5/11/2021  Could inflation be good? by Stephen Dover

4/11/2021 Oil pooring into plastics at record rate

11/2021 Why ESG won’t save us babyboomers don’t care

3/11/2021 Zuckerberg’ Meta: Share your time and money trapped in his fantasy 

2/11/2021  facebook greenwashing world’s worst polluters 

 1/11/2021  precarious workers once-in-a-generation upper hand?

29/10/2021 AI professor: AI spooking AI

10/2021 From Economic Fantasy to Ecological Reality – Steve Keen on Dietz et al

28/10/2021  Who should pay the world’s climate debt

26/10/2021  The Age of Discovery – entirely wrong how we think about it

   26/10/2021  Conditioning an entire society’: the rise of biometric data

10/2021  Auf Wiedersehen! Jens Weidmann resigns

   10/2021 plastic waste the next asbestos?

25/10/2021 Markets Playing Chicken with Central Bankers

25/10/2021  Investors : MMT here to stay 

25/10/2021  UK Millionaires demand wealth tax 

24/10/2021  Modelling the Matthew Effect : Redistributing Income Through Hierarchy

23/10/2021  G7 financial leaders reach agreement on digital currencies

21/10/2021 ESG -Activist tsunami is coming to Silicon Valley

21/10/2021 Who should pay the world’s climate debt?

20/10/2021  “His economic ideas are conservative banalities.”  Adam Tooze on FDP’s Lindner

  19/10/2021  ECB’s Fabio Panetta on the international dimension of  CBDCs

19/102021  New Nara bacterium may help solve plastic pollution 

17/10/2021 Actor Harewood meets Earl: ‘My ancestors were your family’s slaves’

   16/10/2021  Economist on Poland’s “Dirty Remain”

10/2021  A CasP  Analysis of  Google’s Differential Power

10/2021  Bofinger etal zur deutschen Ordo Ortho Oekonomie und Walter Eucken    

  10/2021 Future Food by TheEconomist

11/2021  NET webinar : Dissecting capitalism – past present future >Inequality<

16/10/2021  German Ampel brackets Black Zero: “Don’t mention the Schuldenbremse”

  16/10/2021  ESG alphas : Is wrapping moneymaking into dogooding an ethical issue?

  16/10/2021  Pinterest Discrimination Whistleblower leads charge against NDA

 15/10/2021  Spar Gespenst Lindner: Angst und Hoffnung in der EU

      11/10/2021  Nobel economics prize rewards work on minimum wage

NET inequality

10/2021  Carbon removal cost could be paid by ‘carbon debtors’=emitters

9/10/2021  Three reasons why EU, too, now worries about inflation

9/10/2021  Pexit, Poexit, Polexit – maybe yes, maybe no

7/10/2021 Zuckerberg’s ‘second realm’ metaverse valued at $3.1tn

10/2021 Guardian review : Hot Air by Peter Stott

10/2021 Is Biomass Greenwash?

6/10/2021 IMF : Fossil fuel industry gets subsidies of $11m a minute

6/10/2021  Southern voices found muted as climate science earns Nobel

    5/10/2021 Pandora Papers leaking more off shore shell companies

5/102021 “Greta is right” says Mars manager 

10/2021 current bail-in design still unstable but reforms unlikely

4/10/2021 India’s population declining

10/2021 economy shafting millennials, thrifting Gen Z each other

 0/2021 UK inflation to eclipse US and eurozone’s – carbon tax deflationary

3/10/2021 Greensill : Swiss police raid Credit Suisse

29/9/2021 ESG Buzzword axed as Greenwash Rules Bite 

29/9/2021 Green growth’ doesn’t exist

28/9/2021 Don’t sideline plastic problem, nations urged

25/9/2021 It’s now or never for US digital currency

23/9/2021  young people & climate anxiety  EN DEU FR ES etc,

21/9/2021 The dynamics of cooperation, power, and inequality

20/9/2021 Why the Fed might welcome a bond market tantrum

20/9/2021 BIS warns of green asset bubble risk

19/9/2021 How Cecil Rhodes helped inspire the first world war    

18/9/2021 James Howard-Johnston: The Last Great War of Antiquity

16/9/2021 Ocean Cleanup struggles to fulfill promise to scoop up plastic at sea

19/9/2021 Quantum ‘time crystal’  could change physics forever 

17/9/2021 Some early crypto enthusiasts have bailed on the sector

   15/9/2021 – Carbon-removal plant switched on

13 9 2021   What drives house prices: Lessons from the literature 

13/9/2021 The Spectre of Inflation : EZB’s Schnabel entsorgt deutsche Inflationsängste – EN&DEU

Inflation? Inflation!
12/9/2021 National Insurance increase consigns levelling up to bonfire of easy promises 9/9/2021   Big oil’s ‘wokewashing’ is the new climate science denialism

07 09 2021  economists : research should be more relevant, multidisciplinary, disruptive and diverse

 9/2021 No Objective Reality?!

   3/9/2021 Purdue Pharma escapes opioid liability through bankruptcy “loophole”

     1/9/2021 Europeans want their countries, not EU, to regulate crypto

1/9/2021  Scott Sumner’s “Money Illusion” blog now as a book

1/9/2021 Regulators Intensify ESG Scrutiny as Greenwashing Explodes

26/8/2021  wishful optimism no cure for covid inequality

23/8/2021  China’s digital yuan a warning to the world?

23/8/2021 book: The Politics of safety by Amia Srinivasan

21/8/2021 Fancy Black Rock’s Greenwash Placebos

20/8/2021 Fokus Jackson Hole – Höhere Leitzinsen fuer weder Dollar noch Euro

20/8/2021 The euro area Phillips curve: Damaged but not dead

18/8/2021 Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse already sucks

8/2021 book: John Lewis COOP – a business familiy

Why not Dress Rhodes in the Slave Collar of Racism?

8/2021 What God, Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness Have in Common

8/2021 Frantzen’s hopeful realism ?

8/2021 Daniel Saunders Dialectical Ecology

8/2021 Monetary policy and inequality 

6/8/2021 Anglo Inflation Crescendo?

6/8/2021 Gulf Stream Collapsing?

4/8/2021 Watch Opioid Billionnaire Sackler Purchase Litigation Shield

Digitales Zentral Bank Geld : Geld zwischen Schleier und Tabu (1)

3/8/2021 Branco Milanovic on Eurocentrism in Economics

3/8/2021 Shake up Europe’s fiscal rules says Irish Banker

3/8/2021 Future Monetary System will be Crypto

1/8/2021 The patriarchy of economics

8/2021 Gates’ Agro-Greening Harming African Farming 

8/2021 Six Modes of Co-Production for Sustainability

8/2021 What happened when US Paid Off All Its Debt

7/2021 Decolonising Ecological Science

What happens when The Economist tries to escape from the Equilibrium Academy

7/2021 DeGrowth perspective on Corona

7/2021 Three Degree World Has No Safe Place

31/7/2021 Big investors demand vote on hollow net zero pledges

30/7/2021 Biffa breaks record in recycling acid exports into Greenwash

29/7/2021 Inflationsgefahr auf deutsch

29/7/2021 Zuckerberg metaversing facebook to cash&carry avatar currencies

Die rätselhafte Soziologie des Geldes

28/7/2021 Confirmed: NZ bunkers best for apocalyptic transition

28/07/2021 Credit Suisse :The Marginal Consquences of Zero Diligence

28/7/2021 Pope’s Laudatio Si Demands DeGrowth

degrowth auf deutsch

23/7/2021 How green are green cars?

22/7/2021 IMF finds increasing market power impedes monetary effectiveness

22/7/2021 Central banks can’t reduce inequality says NatWest Davies

22/7/2012 TheTimes: CBDC gamble may not pay off?

21/7/2021 How iffy is baby boomer economists’ ingrained “theory” of inflation?

20/7/2021 Europe wrong to worry about inflation?

19/7/2021 plastic into sand&cement

19/7/2021 next crash triggered by climate change?

15/7/2021 the FT’s wild rides on crypto horses

15/7/2021 Euro CBDC sees Bitcoin bite the dust?

4/2021  Paradigm War: A Distinct Indigenous Vision

11/7/2021 Value(s) : Bitcoin writes letter to Mark Carney

Greta, Mnuchin and PlanB

11/7/2021   ECB prefers evidence over dogma

9/7/2021  Digitaler Euro: Anonym wie Bargeld – China versus Bitcoin – Covid accelerates CBDC

9/7/2021  75 years later: LEGO recycles

9/7/2021 Napkin Laffer’s Monetary Genius

9/7/2021 bitcoin bubbling up hyperinflation?

5/7/2021 What do children think of economic inequality? 

6/21 cloud spraying tipping points of no return

6/21  One in Five UK adults has less £100 in savings

6/2021  zero emissions hydrogen cars?

6/2021 microbes convert waste plastic into vanillin

Infinite Plastic Pollution Meets Systemic Inelasticity

Photographer Mandy Barker – marine debris –  bbc 

28/6/2021  Inflation a Risk for U.S. Bank Credit

           27/6/2021  CBDCs – geopolitical relevance , BIS sees opportunities, Swiss report says NO 

  24/6/2021 BIS backs CBDCs to beat bitcoin, stablecoins and Big Tech

12/6/2021 Basel’s Tough Love for Crypto

11/6/2021 Vegan spider silk superseding plastic?

10/6/2021 inflation pressures FED + hikes Ruble rates

10/6/2021 G7 delaying break with fossil fuel industries 

9/6/2021 American banking lobby hits out at CBDCs

9/6/2021  MMT, Crypto and Basic Income for All

HETERO MACRO – Schwarze Null Widerstand

 6/2021 Hitler’s Hjalmar Schacht : pariah pioneer of MMT?

5/2021 Fed cornered says Roubini

3/2021 IMF figures negative rates stable

7/6/2021 The world’s forgotten greenhouse gas

   25/5/2021  long population slide not necessarily a disaster

15/5/2021 Jump Scare? asks the Economist ahead of FT’s summer of inflation

13/5/2021  UK reviews of Empire of Pain – OxyContin? The things the Sacklers knew!

 7/5/2021 Rise of the middle class in the 20th century was wildly overstated

12/5/2021 ECB wants race to the top of global ESG standards

5/2021  Karlsruhe shines a light on the murk of emissions targets

6/5/2021 Wealth Inequality in Cryptocurrencies

5/2021  oceans of biodegradable plastics not degrading

9/4/2021  rush to electric cars may harm environment and snuff out valuable alternatives

4/2021 What decolonising economics meant in India   by Tirthankar Roy

17/4/2021  Apropo Branko Milanovic’ Great Leveller? It ain’t neccessarily so says fresh research 

14/4/2021 rs  The great danger is not climate denial but climate delay.

10/4/2012  ft  figures Biden’s taxes brave and bold

10/4/2021  ft  Nobel Robert Mundell dies ahead of non optimal Euro

9/4/2021  bbc does  reality check on Netflix’s Seaspiracy

6/4/2021 bloomberg  Don’t Let China Mint the Money of the Future – Nial Ferguson

3/21  tls  “Save the jetset” – Ann Pettifor on Bill Gates