William Lazonick – hetero macro

x  x more Lazonick books at goodreads William Lazonick  SOAS UL AcademicIndustryResearchNetwork Related  >M Mazzucato   >pluralist macro ineteconomics.org/perspectives/blog/  2019  After Over Three Decades, Rebel Economist Breaks Through to Washington. Here’s How He Did It.    by Lynn Parramore Ever heard that a corporation’s sole duty is to maximize value for shareholders? In the go-go ‘80s, … Continue reading William Lazonick – hetero macro

Economics – about and around mainstream DSGE orthodox macro

ll around ortho macro – de facto, debate, diverse (self)critiques, defense, delusion, denial + disagreement - updated 4-2020 see also  > history of economics, economics as social science > Economy, Economics, DSGE, mainstream, orthodox, macro, equilibrium, Neoliberalism, Politics, Rethinking Political Economy https://www.econlib.org/hendersons-criticisms-and-appreciations-of-john-kenneth-galbraith/ bostonreview.net 3-2022 Bad Economics - How microeconomic reasoning took over the very institutions of American governance … Continue reading Economics – about and around mainstream DSGE orthodox macro

VALUE PRICE marginal utility

Prada stores carry a few obscenely expensive items in order to boost sales for everything else (which look like bargains in comparison). People used to download music for free, then Steve Jobs convinced them to pay. How? By charging 99 cents. That price has a hypnotic effect: the profit margin of the 99 Cents Only … Continue reading VALUE PRICE marginal utility

Banking on Values

"A fool is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing". Central banker Mark Carney has diagnosed a crisis in value(s). He doesn't just mean prices being misaligned with values as in frothy asset overvaluations. That's just a symptom of a deeper malaise. The central idea of his book, says the … Continue reading Banking on Values